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I get it! YouTube is FREE and the videos are short fast pace presentation with what appears to be super simple strategy AND you get to do it in the comfort of your own home.

All that should be reason enough to engage right?

Not quite…

The truth is, If getting active and staying healthy were so easy, everyone would do it!

we come home after a long day of sitting in a chair to de-stress by sitting in another chair with great difficulty to summon the energy to do any kind of exercise routine.

We know taking care of “me” is important BUT but oversimplification doesn’t make the struggle easier!!

Let’s be honest here, there are seemingly mental walls keeping us from taking care of ourselves.

Think of your health healthy eating and fitness training a lifestyle choice not a “January special”. Once you change your concept to thinking that this now is your newly adopted regime, you’ll feel less anxious about training and become less impatient with your weight loss or overall goal

The there is another challenge, I tend not to do much with things that are free and I don’t believe i’m alone on this. When I have a “vested” interest in something I want to see it work for me. If I spend my hard earned money on something I damn well better see some results! So YouTube will always get bumped over online fitness program or the gym any day. Again, check it out and you will see most persons can relate. They are probably nodding with affirmation right now as they read.

Listen YouTube vids might be free, but FREE isn’t always good for you. Here is the thing, most of these videos cater to the average, many persons are in over their heads and doing poses that they aren’t even close to ready for. This not only leads to a lack of results and frustration but it could be dangerous, leading to painful injuries.

No one wants to be wasting their valuable time and risking no results. The only way to see noticeable and consistent results is to performing sequences uniquely tailored to you and that may be better achieved buying online fitness programs or the next best, personal training at the gym (provided you can afford it).

a generic video has no idea where YOU are at, playing the same videos week after week will eventually frustrate when there is a lack of progress.

The reality is, ANY successful health or fitness program alway includes progression and adaptation from week to week and month to month

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